Thursday, August 16, 2012

Call to Artists!

Please get your awesome artwork to Mary by the 26th to be PRINTED and PUBLISHED!

Get involved in the One Drop Comic Project!

Hey Artists! Here is your chance to be printed and distributed as part of our project!
Create your original artwork or comic strips according to these guidelines and submit to MJ Lai during the Aug 25  weekend!

1) Flatten files and save as LZW compression, RGB mode, TIFF. 
2) 300 DPI resolution
3) Use provided templates. I will not be re-sizing or re-formatting your files, please make sure they’re the right size!
4) File naming convention:  please use your first initial plus last name, and page number in double digits. An example is jfletcher_01.tiff. Please don’t name files jfletcher_title.tiff etc. 

Click templates to enlargify!

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Theme: Parasites

This week's theme is PARASITES groossss

The One Drop Comic Project

Don't forget to support and/or become a part of The One Drop Comic Project featuring lots of our Squash n Sketch contributers!!!!