Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 Update

So many of my fellow lizards have grown wings, and many more little lizards have hatched since then! I can't wait to share all their work here!
(*Lizards are what we call students of the MFA program in Animation at UCLA.  It is a long story to do with UCLA veteran, the late and loved Dan McLaughlin  )

What's up!

Erick Oh class of 2010

instagram @erickoheart

Pixar Animation - Just finished up on animation for Finding Dory
Recently interviewed and featured for Scene
Check out his weekly Instagram Animation

Joaquin Baldwin class of 2010

Disney Animation - Making waves on Moana layout
Check out his website to see his 3D sculpting and photography

David Badgerow class of 2009

David previously worked at DreamWorks animation and is now at Sony Pictures Imageworks- he just finished up animating on The Angry Birds Movie

portrait by Bobby Pontillas

James has a huge history of professional experience, and is currently at Disney Animation as a storyboard revisionist on ongoing projects

nom nom cats
Annie finished up work at various online gaming companies and is in the process of creating more of her own mobile games with husband Max.
Check out Nom Nom Cats - a free game on itunes

Alexis Block class of 2011

Alexis is working a post-production coordinator at DreamWorks Animation

Hedy Yudaw class of 2010
Hedy has worked on numerous illustration and animation projects since graduation and is now at Disney Television Animation.

Jenny Sherman class of 2010
Since graduation Jenny has worked as a traveling freelancer working on various post-production and illustration jobs, including working with fellow UCLA lizard, John Wray on an animated web series The Micros.  She now works managing production on tech-mindfulness company Conscious 2 and keeps drawing on Instagram @Jennysrpdraws .